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Security Systems That Don’t Require Internet

Home security systems used to work through telephone lines in the initial days.

Then came the new versions that started using a wired or wireless network to keep your house secure.

Nowadays, wireless monitoring is changing the waves because such a protection system does not need a telephone line or internet to guard your residence.

What is Wireless Monitoring?


A wireless monitoring system contains several sensors and one control panel to keep of them all in sync.

You need to install the panel at a fixed position, which is generally near the entrance. Then, you need to use two types of sensors:

Motion sensors: As you can easily understand from its name, motion sensors are electronic devices that detect movements.

So, you need to place these sensors where they can cover a large area. Try to place on the left or right side of the ceiling where nothing can block the vision of a motion detector.

Avoid corners near the doors or windows because repeated opening or closing of doors and windows can activate the alarm unnecessarily.

Choose a place in the hallway wherein the sensor’s vision is not disrupted by any large object like a cabinet or TV stand.

In case you have a house with two or more stories, then place one of the sensors near the hall of those floors.

You can also set it up near the staircase. Nearby trees or any outdoor support gives access to any room located on the second story.

So, if anyone tries to enter your house, you will be aware of it instantly.

Door and windows sensors: A door or windows sensor consists of two parts; a transmitter and a magnet.

When the distance between these two devices goes over 2 inches, the alarm activates. The device lets you know which of the door or window is open.

When setting up such sensors, make sure that the magnet sits on the door and its transmitter on the frame.

You need to align these two devices so that that they can activate once the alarm is tripped.

What If The Internet is Down?

Wireless GSM alarm system will be the solution then.

Let’s explain in details;

Suppose you are using a home alarm system that uses the internet to be online. Will it work if there is no connectivity? Yes, the sensors will let you know if there is an intrusion.

In case your home security is monitored by a company, then they might not be able to intervene.

It’s the reason why you should try GSM monitoring because such a security system is more reliable than other devices that use the internet or telephone line.

DIY & Tools

Orbital Sander vs. Palm Sander

Sanding is the final process that imparts finish your wooden crafts. It is an inevitable part of your wooden projects.

And to accomplish the sanding process well and right, you definitely would need a right sander beside you.

There are different types of sanders available in the market. To get the perfect finish for your craft, you need the right kind of sander in your hands.

So, here we are going to compare two different sanders popularly used.

We hope our comparison chart of two different types of sanders available in the market will help you choose the right sander for your tasks.

So, read the rest of the article, choose the right sander, and impart that perfect finish your wooden projects were lacking.

Orbital Sander vs. Palm Sander

Orbital Sanders

orbital sanders

Orbital sanders are high-speed sanders that are powered by an electric motor. The sander’s foot of the Orbital sanders moves in tiny circles or orbits to perform the sanding action. So, that is how Orbital sanders got their name.

Orbital sanders are of two types. They are:

  1. Orbital sanders

The Orbital sanders are obviously large and powerful than Palm sanders. The square shape of the Orbital sanders is an advantage. It allows you to get great perfection in edges and corners.

Orbital sanders are perfect if you are looking sander for light sanding tasks. They are smaller than Random Orbital sanders. Not only smaller, but a cheaper option if compared with the Random Orbital sander.

Orbital sanders leave less mess. And the chances of ruining your work by sanding is comparatively less if you are using Orbital sanders.

You can use Orbital sanders in the small places where Random Orbital sanders are too large to fit in. The orbital sanders work well for tasks like removing a single layer of paint and prepping up surfaces for painting and sealing.

  • Random orbital sander

random orbital sanders

The Random orbital sander possesses a round head that moves around in random orbits without a regular scratch pattern. Whereas, the normal Orbital sander works with a head moving in a regular pattern.

The Random orbital sander is to be dealt with extreme care. It would easily ruin your work if not handled with care. For example, the Random orbital sander would dig into the wood if you keep it in the same place for a longer time.

The Random Orbital Sanders works with sandpapers in the range of 80 to 160 grit.  A normal Orbital sander comes with a square sanding pad, while the Random orbital sander has a round-shaped sanding pad. And that is what makes these two sanders quite different from each other.

Also, the Random orbital sanders are expensive than the normal Orbital sanders. A normal Orbital sander would cost you anywhere around $30 to $50, while the price of Random orbital sanders would go up to $60 to $170.

Palm Sanders

palm sanders

As the name suggests, Palm sanders are sanders with handles that fit well into the palms of the user. Palm sanders are ideal for small and light sanding jobs. They are very small in size and are very easily portable.

The Palm sanders (read palm sander reviews & top products in UK) work with a quarter of a 9 X 11” sandpaper sheets. And hence, the Palm sanders are called Sheet sander or ¼ Sheet sander.

The Palm sanders use sandpaper in the grit range of 160 to 220. And that is why Palm sanders are considered ideal for light-duty finishing works.

Palm sanders don’t work well in removing paints or rust. They are, in fact, not suitable for the tasks in which you want to use a lot of pressure. The Palm sanders are rather made to work on with a light touch. And therefore, applying huge pressure on Palm sanders would produce a lot of worn-out pads, causing damages to your sander.

After all, the Palm sanders are the smallest of all the power sanders available in the market. And, the smallest too.

Random Orbital Sander vs. Palm Sander Comparison

Are you wondering which sander suits you best? To buy the right sander, you need to know the major differences between them.

So, here we are making a comparison between Random orbital sanders and Palm sanders.















Standard circular sheets that can be Velcro attached


Cut sheet or Standard sheets




5-inches and 6-inches sheet


A quarter of standard 9 X 11” sheet





Random circular or Orbiting


Orbiting motion.




Smoothen rough surfaces, removing paint, finishing, etc.


Light-duty finishing work


The differences between an Orbital sander and Palm sander lies in the amount of material they sand off, the shape of the sanding pad, and the sanding motion.

The Palm sanders are actually a smaller version of Orbital sanders. Orbital sanders are present in large as well as small sizes. The small Orbital sanders usually use a ¼ sanding sheet and the large ones use a ½ sanding sheet. Both works on a similar principle, but different sizes.

People usually refer to a Random orbital sander whenever they simply say Orbital sander. This is because normal Orbital sanders are usually referred to as Sheet or Palm sanders.

The Random Orbital sanders and Palm sanders are two of the popularly used hand-held finishing sanders. If we make a comparison between the two, the major differences are as follows:

  • The Random orbital sander has a round-shaped head and a rectangular one for Palm sander.
  • The Random orbital sander is powerful than the Palm sanders.
  • The Palm sanders are smallest in size and much cheaper than any other power sanders in the market.

Which Sander Suits You the Best?

Sanding is the last yet essential step in any wooden project. The final process of sanding is essential in any wooden projects because it gives a smooth friction-free finish surface to your work.

There are quite a lot of types of sanding tools available in the market. Therefore, you might easily jump on to a wrong sander if you don’t know the differences between any of them.

So, here we are suggesting some tips for you to not jump on to the wrong one.

When to go for a Palm sander?

The Palm sander might be a good choice, if you are looking for light-duty finishing works. For example, when you need a sander to get that perfect finish for your wooden work. The compact size and design also make Palm sanders the perfect one for finishing up edges and corners.

For tasks and purposes like these, you can also go for a detail sander with a triangular-shaped sanding pad.

When to choose an Orbital sander?

If you are looking for a tool to sand larger surfaces, it would be better to go with an Orbital sander. Orbital sanders are specially designed to work on large and flat surfaces.

The Orbital sanders are good for tasks like removing a layer of paint or sanding carved wood.

Conclusion: The versatility of Palm sanders is limited. Hence, we would suggest a Random orbital sander rather than a Palm sander.

Here is a bonus tip for you.

If you are looking for a much more powerful sander than Orbital sanders, we would suggest you buy a portable Belt sander. The Belt sanders are perfect if your task requires a fast and aggressive removal of materials.

Blog Fitness

Exercise and Activity Plan for the Newly Retired

Retirement gives you ample of time for those activities that you used to avoid because of work.

One of them is taking good care of your body. There is nothing better than living a healthy and fit life free from any illness.

So, enjoy your post-retirement period, but at the same time, you should also maintain your body functions.

Medical Checkup

The very first step is to visit a clinic and get a body checkup if you have not it before.

Do you need to follow any restrictions while working out? It’s the primary question you need to ask from the doctor.

Also know about any of the diets you need to follow, especially if you have some kind of health trouble or disorder.

Apart from the answers, any of the doctors will agree that exercising is one of the best ways to reduce health risks and tackle conditions like arthritis and diabetes.

In case you are feeling difficulties while moving any of the body parts, then it’s a good time to consult a physiotherapist. Such a medical consultation will improve your condition.

Daily Routine For a Retired Person

If are anywhere between 50 to 65 years of age, then you can include the given exercises in your workout schedule.

  • Moderate aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, bike riding, or swimming for 30 minutes 5 days a week is great for all the senior citizens. Try the best recumbent exercise bike for seniors, if you want to enjoy a high- quality workout without leaving your residence. You can include running after some days of walking and light jogging. Avoid running at high speeds in the initial days.
  • Target your muscles twice or thrice a week using dumbbells, barbells, and resistance machines. Weight lifting strengthens your muscles, enhances bone density, and improves overall body functioning.
  • Warm-up and stretch before you start cardio or strength training. You can also include 10 to 15 minutes of Pilates performance.
  • Do not make a habit of sitting because being idle is one of the common triggers of health risks. Find new interests to stay active throughout the day. Getting early in the morning and taking a round of your neighborhood should be your daily motive. Lawn maintenance and gardening are some of the other ways to stay active.

Places Where You Enjoy a Workout

You have a range of commercial and community sites where you can enjoy a solid workout.

  • Gym and fitness clubs: Find a gym or health club nearby. Most of the local commercial establishments will offer you discounts. Community gyms and centers for senior citizens are also some of the great places to enjoy a workout.
  • Group exercises in the park: You can start the morning by spending some time with other members of your neighborhood and workout together with the help of a trainer. You can also contact a personal trainer to get a certain set of exercises designed especially for according to your physical strength.
  • Home gym: After getting ideas about the useful workout equipment, you can invest some time prepare a home gym. Include a mat for Pilates, some pair dumbbells, an exercise ball, and resistance bands. If you have some open space then you can also try a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, or barbell bench to enjoy workout every day without leaving your residence.
  • Other siting for walking, running or cycling: Try to discover new walking or cycling tracks in your area. You might have not noticed these green areas or parks earlier, but now it’s time to find places that can give you natural and healthy tracks where you can enjoy at least 30 minutes of biking. Make sure that the place is safe. You can also use MapMyWalk to know what are the places where you can be with other groups and individuals with similar interests.

Create a Workout Regime

Try to form new habits in your retirement life. Prepare a schedule to include all the activities including morning walk, group exercises, and gym. Join a golf club if the game excites you.

Working out or walking with a group pushes you to complete everyday commitment and work as a motivation.

So, check to find other individuals who share interests like walking, swimming, biking, hiking, or trekking.

You might be surprised to see the number of available opportunities without spending anything.

Visit the gym when the footfall is low. Try to be available near the dumbbells during off-hours, so that you can work out without much wait.

While it depends upon the locality, but you should try the time slots after 10 AM or 2 PM, wherein you will only find people of your age group.

Recommended Workout Schedule

  • Monday: Start the work out with up to 20 minutes of walk or jog. Follow with 30 minutes of cycling or swimming and 10 minutes of flexibility training. And then you can utilize the rest of the time for weight lifting. Target different body muscles every day. Start the week by crushing your chest and triceps.
  • Tuesday: Walking, cycling, flexibility exercises, and strength training that should comprise back and biceps.
  • Wednesday: Aerobics including a treadmill or a stationary bicycle for elderly. Include some flexibility exercises and end the workout session with some weight lifting for shoulders.
  • Thursday: Focus more on the flexibility exercises. You can include aerobic dances and many other group exercises. Invest some time to train your lower body parts.
  • Friday: 30 minutes of aerobics and 10 minutes of flexibility exercises should be sufficient. You can mix some of the strength training.
  • Saturday: You can go for a hiking or biking trip with your family members or friends. Plan an outdoor activity wherein you can enjoy nature and fresh air.
  • Sunday: Take rest for the day, so that your muscles can recover. However, you can go for a morning walk just to keep the momentum in your favor.

Add some other activities to your life. For instance, go for an extended walk with your dog. Try to walk or use a bicycle to visit the grocery store, post office, or bank.