Home Security

Security Systems That Don’t Require Internet

Home security systems used to work through telephone lines in the initial days.

Then came the new versions that started using a wired or wireless network to keep your house secure.

Nowadays, wireless monitoring is changing the waves because such a protection system does not need a telephone line or internet to guard your residence.

What is Wireless Monitoring?


A wireless monitoring system contains several sensors and one control panel to keep of them all in sync.

You need to install the panel at a fixed position, which is generally near the entrance. Then, you need to use two types of sensors:

Motion sensors: As you can easily understand from its name, motion sensors are electronic devices that detect movements.

So, you need to place these sensors where they can cover a large area. Try to place on the left or right side of the ceiling where nothing can block the vision of a motion detector.

Avoid corners near the doors or windows because repeated opening or closing of doors and windows can activate the alarm unnecessarily.

Choose a place in the hallway wherein the sensor’s vision is not disrupted by any large object like a cabinet or TV stand.

In case you have a house with two or more stories, then place one of the sensors near the hall of those floors.

You can also set it up near the staircase. Nearby trees or any outdoor support gives access to any room located on the second story.

So, if anyone tries to enter your house, you will be aware of it instantly.

Door and windows sensors: A door or windows sensor consists of two parts; a transmitter and a magnet.

When the distance between these two devices goes over 2 inches, the alarm activates. The device lets you know which of the door or window is open.

When setting up such sensors, make sure that the magnet sits on the door and its transmitter on the frame.

You need to align these two devices so that that they can activate once the alarm is tripped.

What If The Internet is Down?

Wireless GSM alarm system will be the solution then.

Let’s explain in details;

Suppose you are using a home alarm system that uses the internet to be online. Will it work if there is no connectivity? Yes, the sensors will let you know if there is an intrusion.

In case your home security is monitored by a company, then they might not be able to intervene.

It’s the reason why you should try GSM monitoring because such a security system is more reliable than other devices that use the internet or telephone line.